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Guys, be patient :jap:
You can convert videos by yourself, there is no nothing complicated to do that. At first try I've got failed to convert videos. After that, I was read forum more carefully. And find all ansewers for my questions. I made video-example how to convert. Just see it.
When I have free time, I'll think i can try to convert videos from yours requests.

New link for program (Y)


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abdarafi;3505621 said:
convert this mate =>

please, help me :)

Fifamonkey2012;3513291 said:
Hi Grafsky,

Thanks for these conversions they are great.

I wanted a more generic intro for standard game and thought this fitted well:

Premier League 2013 montage from BBC HD, could you possible convert this one, seems good for a standard footy intro than any specific tournament or team.
NeyMar86;3513390 said:

:bouncy: rename file to bootflowintro_MARKER for intro-video, and to bootflowoutro for outro :bouncy:
p.s. for all
Guys, just convert videos by yourselves, this is no big deal. My notebook isn`t realy good. Conversion process takes a long time, especially long videos, like Fifamonkey2012 asked to convert.
Cheers! :crazyface:


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Grafsky, haven't logged in for a while and wanted to thank you for taking the time on the most recent conversions. I realise it defeating the object of not using the tool you have created for us to do it ourselves, so no more requests from me :)


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Can somebody please help me, when i choose the video i want to convert this pops out. Cannot open file "New" The system cannot find the file specified.