Most likely the most disturbing thing ever I've seen


Forza Suarez! (ps brotha can you spare a dime?)
They're speaking Spanish though, so I doubt it's Jamaica. If I had to guess it would the Dominican Republic.

Oh, and those children are pathetic dancers. Good thing the adults in the community have intervened early.


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How dare you say such a thing? It is true, but how dare you?


--Edit-- Having seen the video, I can confirm that world will be coming to an end quite soon. Those so-called adults in the video should all be taken to jail and left there to rot.


Forza Suarez! (ps brotha can you spare a dime?)
I think the adults should be praised; they're doing a great thing for the young community there.


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This thread...

is very........



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This is why I prefer the simple things in life. No complications or dynamics involved.

Woah what am I saying, this video just made me go all emotional all of a sudden. It's just that terrible that makes me and all other people who watch it evaluate our own lives accordingly.