Most Improved Player This Season?


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Who's been the most improved player of the 05/06 season?

IMO to me the best candidates are Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Kakhaber Kaladze and Pippo Inzaghi (H):D

To me Cesc has become a huge player and Iniesta has taken into Xavi's role super-perfectly. Kaladze meanwhile had to be used as an emergency CB and he now pushes Milan legend Maldini out of the line up. Pippo? Need I say anything? :D

Who else would you rate? Lets not count players like Messi who burst immedietely and we havent had a chance to see the gradual improvement.

The Pippo thing was just a joke :(


Nice thread, really good idea.
I think it's gotta be Mutu, he is a totally different player and improved a lot.
But yup, Fabregas and Iniesta are also very good examples. I think I'd put David Villa on the list too.


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Mutu? Not at all IMO. Him at Parma was 10x better.

Joe Cole (Y) Great goal the other day againts Man Utd.


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Iniesta has performed very well, but he had a similar level before, only that he has been given more minutes than other seasons. So there's really no improvement.

Also note that Cesc is younger and is surrounded by worse midfielders (with all my respects to Arsenal) than Iniesta, but however he takes even more responsabilities. A real crack.

About Villa, he was also already great at Zaragoza, but this year he's in a better side.


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As I read your picks guys that you mentioned Englishmen, Italians, Portugese....I think if you were honest an obvious pick would be none other than....

Giorgos Samaras of Manchester City.

The guy has scored in every game he has played since leaving Herenvaen.

but I forgot....he's Greek so we don't even consider him. :kader:


Eboue, Cesc, Senderos, Van Persie from Arsenal
Joe Cole from Chelsea

I am biased mind, all I've seen in the EPL this year.