More WE7 news


Youth Team
First some confirmed stuff from KCET's Finest:

100% Confirmed details (from a games magazine editor who has a copy of WE7, who is also a WE fanatic) about WE7/PES3 have started to filter through. What is confirmed, is a MANUAL REPLAY OPTION is included. This means replays whenever you want them, something fans have been clamouring for since the series began it seems.

And something from 'jankoller' at the Evo-Web forums:

I have read a chinese WE7 forum and someone post this latest news about WE7

In the WE7, more functions are as follows:

(1) transfer player to other club freely (ie we can manually put Beckham to Real Madrid)
(2) edit the type of ball (from fevenova to nike?, sorry just guess cos no further details)
(3) more hidden players
(4) hidden stadiums
(5) hidden edit functions for players' attributes
(6) make the match faster
(7) play different music during the game

Sounds good to me. :)