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Hi all,

I have been able to spend of lot more time on FEd2002 in the past week as my work commitments slowed down.

I am happy to report that FEd2002 is just about ready to go to the beta testers. Unlike other years, this year I only asked just a handful of testers to help me out. This is to speed up the testing process and therefore getting the program out to you sooner.

Don't expect the first release to have everything in it. In fact it will be fairly basic. You can change player attributes, team properties, strategy. You can import player's faces, team jerseys and badges. You can transfer players. And that's about it.

I later versions, I'll add other features like creating new teams. players, leagues. Support audio etc...

For those who has offered to do the translation, I'll contact you as soon as I finalise all the text that going to be used in the program. Many thanks in advance though.


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WOW those are GREAT news Chau!!!
I hope the beta testers don't find any bugs so you can release it sooner :P
anywyas, good luck to you and the betatesters!!


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will fed be compatible with WC2002?

because after playing the demo, I really don't feel like playing fifa2002 ever again! :D


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yeah.. make it commpatible please!

that are good news... fed will be very usfull this year


yea will it be compiatable with WC2002 ????

hope it is...coz i've lost interest in Fifa2002:(


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Originally posted by chau
Afraid it won't be compatible with WC2002. Maybe in future version, just maybe!

Some of you might be happy that I told you a lie there!

After posting this message, I went and had a look at the WC2002 demo data file and found that even though they are slightly different, they can be read with very little modifications. For example, teams now have 40 players instead of 32. Besides that everything is much the same.

So, it's good news all round!

Will try to post a screen shot later on!



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Yo chau you are most respected and thanked very much great work dude never had the chance to thank you for the other feds
thanks for those too...

And great news that is FED2002 and worldcup wooww.....

:D :D :D :D :mrpimp:


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Great news

All respect to you Chau
I was getting a bit worried where to put all the faces and headshapes we create but maybe now a solution is near


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Re: Great news

Originally posted by migge10
All respect to you Chau
I was getting a bit worried where to put all the faces and headshapes we create but maybe now a solution is near

About the head shape, would you want to be able to nominate the head shape you want when importing the faces?

In FEd2001, I use a default head shape (I thing it was hhead000.rav) and it was not really suitable for every face.


Hi Chau
Well this is the best news since the release of Fifa 2002. I am a division leader in Denmark´s biggest online league. We are in Total more than 50 players and BADLY in need of FED2002 to edit the player attributes. The guys from FCDB XP has promised us a beta for a long time but keep on letting us down. We would really like to have a chance for being a BETA tester if you could be so kind and consider us.

Feel free to contact me on ICQ 98067677

Cheers and hopes from René Hansen


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Chau - what's the ETA looking like on the 'import new team' feature? I've got a killa kit for the Albion on hold for Fed as we're going up to Div 1 next season :D

zig :D