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I wanted to create that thread yesterday but I don't know what happened but it never showed up. I guess I have to write it again.

I was working on my FIFA 16 project which consists on the creation of french Ligue 3 with custom teams and custom male and female players. However, I always was disappointed with the poor number of choice of female bodytypes offered by the game : where men have short, average, tall that can be combined with lean, medium and muscular bodytypes, women only can have average lean or average medium bodytypes.

I spent the very last days working on creating new bbscale files, and when that work was finished, I thought some of you could find it some use.

My work consists in 6 new bbscale.rx3 files (with their bbscale.scale) named bbscale + 10_0_1, 12_0_1, 13_0_1, 15_0_1, 16_0_1 and 17_0_1, being the female counterparts of Messi's, Akinfenwa's, Courtois', Shaqiri's and Ronaldo's bodytypes. Those bbscale file can also be used with male players, althought male players bodytypes only have 2 spots left : 17_0_0 and 18_0_0. If you want to use them with male players, just rename the X_0_1 file you choose into 17_0_1 or 18_0_1. All those files must be placed in the FIFA16/data/sceneassets/bodytypes folder.

I hope some of you will like it.



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I already wrote this in the faces and mods question thread, but maybe it will be seen more likely here.
I got a problem with body types and I made screenshots of it so you can see the problem:View attachment 9651 View attachment 9652 View attachment 9653 View attachment 9654

You can see quite clearly that these arent right. Adama Traore should be average and bulky but he looks weak and like a woman to me.
The files that are responsible for these body types are these:View attachment 9655
You cant find these files in your FIFA 16 dictonary, as there is no bodytype folder, but somehow the person who made this has done this, and I dont know why I have this, because I wouldnt download such a pointless mod that only makes the game worse. Has somebody else checked if they have the same problem?
Is there any way someone could upload his standard bbscale files? I would really appreciate it.


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Try to better explain the problem, with google translate is not easy .. :(

If you need to change just a few players, tell me how you want them to change them. ;)
Go to this thread:
You will understand it. Some mod which must have been included in some big mod like moddingway or revolution mod gave players like Akinfenwa and Neymar new body types, which are not similar and I want the standard body types back but I cant delete the wrong files as they arent in the Fifa dictonary. I can only untick them in FML but than they just have standard lean body types. So I need to somehow get the standard bbscale files from someone to get it working. I tried to use the backup data_default file but that didnt help as it is only the bh file.
I dont know if it would help but can somebody upload his data_default.big file? I will try if this works, but I doubt it. I hope you understand it.

And try this side for translation its better than google translate:
Thank you!


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In my db 10 mod I have modified many bodytype... ;)

Can bodytypes be assigned through Revolution Mod? Or is editing the DB the only way?

Also, if any of you downloaded the bodytypes.rar file uploaded by the OP before it got removed, can you re-upload?.


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Can bodytypes be assigned through Revolution Mod? Or is editing the DB the only way?

Also, if any of you downloaded the bodytypes.rar file uploaded by the OP before it got removed, can you re-upload?.
Mabe my problem can be solved with the bodytypes rar folder too.
+1 for sharing that link.


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First of all, I'm sorry for answering so late. In my defence, it took a very long time (I stopped checking after 2 weeks) for the thread to show up. I genuinely though it would never do (I assumed I didn't have posted enough messages to start a thread)

However, here I am, and I'll try to answer as completely as I can.

First of all, I assume you know how FIFA 16 works : files are contained in .big archives and the list of dis/enabled files are contained in .bh files
Example : data_default.big contains a file named cfgrouting.xml, and using FHL-BH-Editor (c) Bernd I can activate or desactivate this file in the file. If I activate it, I tell the game to look up the file in the data_default.big archive. If I desactivate it, I tell the game to look up the file in the folders.

If you want to enable the mod, you have to desactivate the listed files in Don't worry, I already have made the change, and a file named comes with this mod.

What you have to do is extract morphmod.rar in your FIFA 16 installation directory (C:\Program Files\Origin...).
It comes in two pieces : a file, and a folder named data\sceneassets\bodytype, with .rx3 (morph data) and .scale (joints names) files.

Now, it's up to you to use your favorite FIFA data editor (Creation Master 16, DBMaster...) to modify the bodytype of a female player.

Here is the archive :

And here's the models image :

I know my work is not perfect, but there was no other choice than modify the FIFA files through an hexadecimal editor. And for every little modification made, I had to close the file I was working on, start the game, wait for the loading, check the changes, close the game, reopen the file, make more modifications, etc... So don't be too cruel with me :)

I hope I was explicit enough :)