Mogolos National kits Luxurious series


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I know we've had our differences in the past Mongolos. But you really do great work on these kits. Your collection is very impressive.


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Mogolos just stopped by to say THANK YOU... this is one of the best threads on this site, great kits and work...


Youth Team
Hello Mogolos,

Would you mind doing Guadeloupe kits for me? I could have done them, but I actually have no time to work on graphics for fifa.

Thanks in advance anyway and keep up the national team kits coming, they're everywhere in my game ;)


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mogolos;2715675 said:

Great work. And it seems that, since the last time I was here, you had improve a lot.

However, could you please repost the Paraguay home kit? It seems the link has expired.


Youth Team
mogolos;2704873 said:
thank u, thank u!

I have so far:

1) Indonesia away updated
2) Moldova home and away updated to the new tewmplate for them.
3) Sri Lanka dark kit updated.
4) Philippines alternative white red added!

You So Genius Mogolos, (Y)
btw where is the posting for Indonesia away??