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mogolos;2570165 said:
yes, but in time, now I post already made or easy to be made kits, so wait a bit.
My friend i understand your words, but you make easy a hard model!!!

Please mqake Kaunas use the same model an colors of Lithuania National team!!!

And Thanks for all African packs, i love african soccer!!!


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ena help 8elw mogolos...

re si.
katevazw to patch sou to v2 to kanw install alla arxidia re..
dn m vazei omos ta teams re file.. oute ta greek stadiums..
me liga logia dn alazei tpt..
boreis na me help ?

kane m add edw [email protected]


i download the v2 mogolos patch but it not work..
i install it but it not reload anything when i run game i cant found greek teams or stadiums..
anyway it no reload anything..

if can help me one ...
add me at [email protected]


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i do not know really what happens to u my friend. it should work fine, as it worked for all. just do it again. u r the only one with this issue, but it does not depend on the patch. check please the folder/directory the patch loads its archives. i am really surprised on this!