Mogolos kit laboratory


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Wow... two thumbs waaaaay up on that one... Silencer is going to fall all over himself when he sees this! (Y)


Thanks for letting me know Keeg ;)

And Mogolos I must say it's fantastic I'm speechless and it's going straight into my game (Y)
I'm very happy with this kit and there's nothing wrong about it, the details are brilliant and the colour is spot on! :33vff3o::33vff3o:
I will post a few Screens later to show you what it looks like in my game :)

I'm very grateful thank you very much!
And yeah my jaw was hitting the ground when I saw this kit for the first time :O


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thanks Keegan and Silencer for compliments!

Lazio in real life, sources:, and Lazio official site.

Notes: gk collar 0, black and yellow collar 8, cyan collar V =7. enjoy!