Mod IMstudios Fifa19 22-23


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I have the base game with the origins and with update 7 and with both it gives different errors. I also tested with FrostyModManager beta 4 and 5.

The difference is that if I use the game plus install upate 7 it gives me this error:


On the other hand, if I install the game and do not put update 7, the error is different:

In any case, it is impossible for me to install this mod, here I leave the link in case someone dares to try and can help me. Thank you


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are you only having issue with their mods? or others as well. I've tried to use those as well and I would get an error and my game wouldn't load, but when I uninstalled the IMmods my game booted just fine (I'm running about 7 other mods as well - the OVIDIO facepack worked fine for me though)