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these kits aren't available to the public yet. I heard rumblings about an MISL patch coming soon after the Indoor Soccer Patch is created. So they may be released with them. If not, I'll release them when i've made all the fixes I need to.
Also FIFA 2005 will have the in-game creation center which whould be a great help for taking the work for making an MISL patch & applying it to FIFA 2005...


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The pics were too big, so i'll resize them after i wake up in the morn. anyway, the pics are:
Houston Hotshots home
KC Attack 96-97 blue
Cinci Silverbacks Home
Edmonton Drillers forgot the year (white)
a bad attempt at Crunch 96-97 red
Washington Warthogs (green)

see y'all in the morning


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First up, we got a crappy Houston Hotshot kit. This is a hard kit to do, i may need some help with this one. This is a key design, because I can then do tampa bay terror road and a buffalo blizzard kit i noticed this morning.


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This is the first attempt of the Cleveland Crunch with Revco kits (road, not sure if the diamonds were red,white or red, black, white). The diamonds are too big so I'll change that, plus the revco logo is a bit large as well