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Vitor Badaz

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Hello, I created some minifaces for FIP Patch 1.5.
Firstly it was created only for Brazilian players who do not have the patch photo. This change is 100% patch compatible, only squads has been edited.
81 minifaces were first added
If anyone is interested I can upload the link to you. If any patch owners are interested call me I can do that in their patch too

Minifaces png 3.png

Minifaces png 2.png

Minifaces png.png


Vitor Badaz

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I edit some faces too, with Live Editor, in the squads are already up to date
I made some corrections in the potential, positions and qualities of the players
And I did some of the recent Transfers


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Hey mate, Have you released these minifaces? I cant find a link... am i missing something?

Anyhows Great Work


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[QUOTE = "Vitor Badaz, post: 6572688, membro: 214995"] Eu posso enviar ou ensinar a fazer, ainda não está completo. Apenas adicionei 81 minifaces, adicionarei mais no futuro. Se alguém quiser me ajudar também, o trabalho é muito simples e fácil.

Good Morning!
Teach me how to do it, I'm interested.
I would like to link to your work already done.
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Vitor Badaz

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At the moment not, after updating fip 2.0 I will have to edit everything again, I will try to talk to someone who edits FIP to add directly to the patch.

Vitor Badaz

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I started to edit already, Flamengo is already complete, I added some goalkeeper kits that the FIP does not have, correct overals, portencias and positions of the players, made the transfers ..