Minifaces and CM News by AJ007

Guys, Are these Minifaces useful you?

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Aswin Jayan

Senior Squad
plz i need likas podolski he is in sivasport now
He plays for Antalyaspor

Aswin Jayan

Senior Squad
Bro can you tell me how to make CM News?
Fifa File explorer , use this and find the IDs. You need to see the original cm news photos before update it.I hope you understand what I mean, it is not just replacing one Picture with other. First you need to analyse the player emotions and the replace with suitable more recent pictures.

The news story items are a little complicated to explain. There are three sets of emotions - neutral (0), happy (1) and unhappy (2). There are also up to 30 variations of each. So that is up to 60 images per team. Although most teams only use around 8-11 per emotion.

Take a look here - FIFA 14/Game/data1.big
Open up the big and navigate to this folder: data/ui/imgassets/cmnews
Let me know what you think.