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Guys, Are these Minifaces useful you?

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Plz phillips new young player for liverpol he play his first match today
i am taking a break mate. My laptop computer battery is dead and there is a risk using Laptop without battery. since we have regular Power failures it will affect my entire computer . So I don't know when i will comeback. Maybe @soria or @Skoczek will help you..
Nathaniel Phillips - Liverpool

I think I'm going to create an opinion about what the best miniface looks like for me


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@Chuny This guy posted a random thing in my forum. Maybe he is Advertising his post. Please take necessary actions if he is not giving a proper reply and remove that post. I am asking you this because I am taking a break due to some technical difficulties and I don't want spammer takeover my thread.

He's been banned.


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plz if you can this player are missing and old
sandro ramires player of sd huesca
othman boussaid player of utrecht in holand league
sofian boufal player of anger in frnace league
djamel benlamri new player of olymique lyon
santiago ramos mingo player of barcelona
i cant find this young player