Miniface Pack


Hello everybody,

Inside this pack, you will found 38751 pics compatible with any Fifa on PC and almost any mods ! (+1Go of .dds files) YES 38.751 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crazy:

I will make updates, 1 or 2 times per month to maintain this package. I take requests also.


V1 :
V1.1 :
Known issues/bugs

- Rare Green pic instead of the head of the player.

Work in Progress


How install it :

Very simple, just extract it on your ; FIFA **\data\ui\imgAssets\heads

I don't recommand you to overwrite files.

Credits :

Google, football manager, vk,, kikasolo, Re-coded, ScBastia1905 and all guys who posted on day a miniface pack.

I'm french, sorry for my english. (N)


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I don't make minifaces anymore. Maybe you've taken Re-coded's work. Add credits to him if you have
muse2a;3899519 said:
Hi mate, i think you took some i made, just want some credits, it's a great idea you've got to put them all together :)
SCBASTIA1905 good to see you here. Je t'ajoute de suite :) Si tu veux travailler avec moi, c'est avec grand plaisir !