mini pc's...


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have u guys seen those? mostly from shuttle... they're so dinky! are they the same performance wise as a regular sized pc?

well i'm thinking of building a comp w/ a barebone system.. (this would be my second time)

saw this on newegg and it looks arite.

there's a nifty lil' rebate that goes along with it so it's very tempting.

also the power supply is kinda weak for these barebones.. would i have any trouble plugging in my radeon 9600 pro?

what u think ice?


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I havent really researched these much but you can pack in quite a good system into one of these little boxes, it wouldnt compete with the high end PC's but it will still keep up with basic PC's, if you have a 350 to 400 Watt PSU your 9600 should work fine but then again i dont know what you kind of PSU you can fit into one of these little boxes but these days there shouldnt be a problem finding a PSU which will fit and be powerfull. :p


these systems can be just as good as a full blown PC.

The PSU that comes with it is a 200 Watt psu and it can handle anything you can fit in there...

most probably this is what youre gonna have in there -

1 CD / CDRW / DVD combo drive
1 Hard drive
1 Radeon 9600

The modem/ethernet card, sound card, USB etc come built into the motherboard.

So the power supply can handle all of the stuff.

Hell it can handle even a 9800.

So if youre interested, go for it. (Y) its really neat. Ideal for college and stuff. Sometimes i wish i had one instead of my bulky tower. Maybe i'll get one in summer.


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They have a bunch of these cases at Frys here. Very cool. The one thing i wonder about though is how do you fill them to the brim with great geat *and* manage to keep them cool. Once you start stacking the cards and HD in there there is very little room for airflow, even with fans.


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Two problems:
Alot of the sound, graphics, LAN etc. are usually onboard which can slow down the m/board and over heat it.
As they're so dinky, i would think they're be a problem with air ventilation and cooling.


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this barebone is in my cart.. now all i need is a processor and some ram.

i was looking at this one:

and this for ram:

there won't be any compatibility issues with these items right?

any suggestions?

and ay luckystrike.. i was at fry's (i love that place) just a few days ago looking for this same barebone system but they had it for like 300, so this is a really good deal..