MG - Minikits generator


Youth Team
Hi there people, today I'm here to release my first tool derived from DKG.

It's called Minikit generator (or MG, for short) and it's the first standalone tool for minikit generator as far as I know.

It should be useful for kit makers who don't like the current workflow (involving an addon for Photoshop or something), so if you're into kits editing, you may give it a try!

I believe the tool is pretty straightforward to use, so I'll not make a video on it for now, I just ask you to check it out the "read me" file to learn about the basics as always.

Hopefully it will be useful for some community members, enjoy:

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Youth Team
Hello all, made a small update in the tool to address the possible issue with the exportation directory. Now everybody should be enable to export and select custom directories too...