MCFM - .net Framework.... what is this crap?


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This piece of crap is 20mb to download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a utility that is only 150kb!

BAH! Is there any other way you can get MCFM 05 to install?


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You'll notice .NET adds a Limiter User account your system that can be kinda annoying.

If you want to get rid of it, wack this into command prompt...

net user aspnet /delete



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he'll notice that he's gonna have to select the user he wants to start windows with every time he boots his PC unless he gets the Service pack.

Btw nice to see u here at SG m8 ;)


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the editor doesn't work for 5,02?

and how do I easiest delete the "choosing user" everytime I start the comp?


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Forgot about this. I just installed it on the day of the first post, thanks for the help anyway.

Windows XP just starts without selecting user anymore, the selecting dealy happened first time but I did some tinkering, and it stopped.

Meanwhile the following day I tried to reboot a 7 year Pentium II before giving it away and it is ruined.


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Originally posted by Chammas
the editor doesn't work for 5,02?

the new one does, though i have the new beta patch, so it yet again doesnt work for me.. :( I cant destroy Arsenal....



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yeah anyway, i just downloaded MCFM, and its asking for this .Net Framework **** again. But i seem to remember that last time it seriously F'ed up my computer for a while.

Has anyone got a good way of doing it this time around, one that i wont notice has had any effect. OR, is there another editor out?

and yes i know, as mod i should know all this, but i dont (H)


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just back up your game with FMM, if you know what you're doing its fine.

Ive messed around with it for a good 30mins and if you used it for FM05, you'll be away with the faeries...

Ah destroying Harchester was fun.