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elnino13;3840139 said:
Thanks mate..but for the 3rd kit,i think it's using same template as Milan 3rd,Juve 3rd and Leverkusen home..Adidas Campeon..

when the official jersey comes out, I'll update it. (Y)


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Kenny_C;3840316 said:
Any chance for that amazing Watford Kit in rx3 format please?

Yes, it's called "Rx3 master", and it's really easy to use and import the png's yourself.


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Arsenal GK 1 & 2 15/16 Kit

deep_ozil;3840506 said:
damn these kits are so neat . :D
thanks mate you're awesome :D

and bdw can you make arsenal gk kits :D?

I made them during the last few weeks just forgot to upload them.

Both Collar 0



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ManUnitedXI thanks for the great kits man!

Btw would u be able to complete Aston Villa set with GK kits also alternate shorts (home in claret/red and away in yellow)?



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I've updated the socks of Manchester United's Home jersey on the previous page. Ask me if you want the white shorts/white socks combo and I'll post it.