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Youth Team

Okay, for those who want to use my work but aren't able to access to the full size of the kits, I have reuploaded them on a new source through Imgur.

I've created folders (EPL, BBVA, Bundesliga, Other, etc.) so its organized and can be easily found.

On the first post on the first page, I've posted the album links of each. :)


Youth Team
Wolfsburg Away 15/16 Kit

Shorts are fantasy


Youth Team
Hellas Verona Home 15/16 Kit & Atalanta Home 15/16 Kit

Nre;3835303 said:
can you make atalanta or hellas verona home kits please? :)

I had a go at both.
I've also done both shorts for the HV kit.
With the HV jersey, I'm not sure how many stripes there are on the sleeves.