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For the bear, its the same that afwan made.... Actually it looks different from the afwan s preview....

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ruiorey;3637879 said:
ok reopened cm14, go in the negredo face. now click the little button in the hair section that regulate the rgb of hair s colour. move the lever of all three color scales (R,G,B) about 5 step on the left. Click on the little save in the same hair texture window and that s all save and exit(no need to regen).

tnx for your help man,but nothin's changed,i think the problem is not with the hair,that's a white cover on the hair & it must be fixed,again i think he has uploaded the wrong files..!! :(


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Nice Man Utd kits :) but need fix & update . Here..



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I'll make two manager Sir Alex & Moyes. It's depends to you whether you want Sir Alex or Moyes.