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Why would Ronaldo leave Real Madrid (his "dream" club) to play for David Moyes? If Ferguson was here then it would be more realistic.


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Well, we are definitely not selling him or looking to sell him anytime. I just just keep reading and hearing how United want to go after him and take him back to Old Trafford.

I agree wirh Nady, It would be a different story if Ferguson was still the coach, then there may be some truth to it.


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According to GMF we're trying to persuade Lewandowski to come to United by offering him a £100,000 a week contract in an attempt to scupper Bayern Munich's interests.


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Dortmund had already announced that Lewandoski is not going to Bayern and he has to fulfill his contract. So I think that may also rule out a move to anywhere else.


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If someone can convince Lewandowski to go anywhere other than Bayern, they'll sell. Whether that is actually possible is another issue.

I don't think ManU would be the place, though, unless other clubs have already settled on a new striker. Chelsea can offer more money and more playing time than United, as well as Mou rather than Moyes.


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I think that Lewandowski is not that big of a deal for United.Man.Utd have Chicharito (in case they sell Rooney) and also RVP.So the strikers are good.
They need to improve the wingers,the guys like Valencia,Young and Nani did nothing this season.


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No matter how much we love Chicharito, we all know that he is ineffective when he starts games. He should be used as impact substitite. If Rooney leaves, I am not sure if Lewandowski would be the answer though. Lewandowski is quite similar to van Persie and I am not sure if they would work well together. Rooney usually plays behind van Persie and provides the creativity. Maybe we should play Kagawa just behind van Persie if Rooney leaves? And then save the money for wingers and midfielders.

I think we have enough cover in defense. We just got unlucky that they all got injured at the same time. We currently have 5 central defenders (Smalling, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evans, Jones), 3 left backs (Buttner, Evra, Fabio) and 2 right backs (Rafael, Varela). 10 defenders are enough. Remember we just bought Varela and Fabio is back from loan.
Good point. Though I'm not convinced that Fabio is good enough. And at the moment there's still a question regarding Varela and whether he's ready this year. I also doubt that going for Lewandowski's going to be much help, although it also depends what kind of system we'll be playing. I wouldn't be complaining too much if we got him anyway.


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Mandieta6;3508353 said:
Is that Varela kid even going to be used?

Yeah I am not too excited about him. He is 20 and has played just once for Penarol. 9 defenders then which is enough IMO.

Fabio is good as backup. He played regularly for QPR and did quite well (he is EPL quality which is what you need for a backup player). He is probably gonna be 3rd choice left back anyway.

Lewandowski and Kagawa linked up very well for Borussia Dortmund. They could work for Man Utd as well but you cannot fit Kagawa, RvP and Lewandowski in the same team.


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RvP can play as a forward too. At this point i'd take Lewandowski over Rooney, he's younger and hungry, unlike Rooney. few seasons ago Rooney wouldn't lose a single ball in the whole game, now he does it every 5 minutes.

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I would rather Rooney came to Chelsea than Lewandowski, Rooney posses talent a plain above what I believe Lewandowski can achieve, albeit he has not shown it so much lately.
Rooney's different though. Whereas Shevchenko & Torres don't have much to offer if they're not scoring, Rooney can be extremely effective and useful when he's having a goal draught. I'm also not quite sure about Fabio. Granted he did play for QPR, but whenever I saw him he looked quite poor. Though I might have missed something since I usually only saw him on MOTD or the few times I saw a whole QPR match. Would be great if he developed like his brother.


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