Manchester City vs Manchester United [P+R]


You'd better behave yourself this time!
evra got raped time n time again by tevez, aguero, zabaleta..
thts a double by city over us..
worse, a win to maybe take the title
from 8 points to ? im shocked to see the way fergie lined the team today..


Make America Great Again


Make America Great Again
He's talking about 1995. I could very well be wrong, but I think Alan Shearer was a world transfer record when they bought him.


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That was dull. Considering how open all the other top-side matches have been, this was absolutely dull. It was dull even without considering the other matches.

I want a City, Utd., Chelsea, Newcastle top 4, with City, United, Arsenal, and Tottenham losing all of their remaning matches, Chelsea winning all of theirs, and Newcastle winning theirs minus the Chelsea match. Odds?


Team Captain
Didn't get to watch the match, but downloading it right now. I will sit through and watch it in its entirety. I was stuck at work, wearing my City jersey underneath a ******* dress shirt and didn't get a single free minute to go and check up on it, so frustrated. Almost exploded when I saw the 1-0.

I'm refusing to get excited right now though. Such is the plight of being a City fan, we'll probably just end up losing to Toon and handing the title back to United. If we don't though, I'm going to **** on every United fan that has ever lived. And after seeing Lee's tweet, I'm going to tweet him and hashtag "lycra" until he blocks me.