Manager mode


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How do you qualify for Champions league or even UEFA cup? Is it even in the game? I've won the league twice now (Norwegian tippeligaen as vaalerenga) Also there were no celebrations or trophies or anything. Just a message saying you won. (yay)
Is there more to manager mode? Master League is starting to look good..


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Only leagues like English, French, German, Spain and the other big ones can make it in, when i finally made CL i never saw like Sparta Prague in there


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Ok, gameplay is ace, very realistic, closer in quality to PES than in any other season, but there are certain dissapointing issues, regarding manager mode.
1. I'm playing my 3rd season now and playing only day matches.
2. When you win the league, you don't get a "praise" from commentary, as in previous editions, there are no celebratory cut-scenes, just a note that you won the league. (extremely rewarding!!!)
3. In general, the crowd sounds very good, but looks terribly apathetic. No scarves, no fireworks etc, no celebrations after scoring ,just like Americans watching a baseball game! From a distance the crowd look like dots, hammered into red seats.
4. Next gen consoles do not support weather change and refs.
Well, hopefully FIFA 09 will take care of these seemingly small, but important for every proper football gamer, details.


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This actually reminds me of a lyric by the Beautiful South (tell me I'm the only one to remember them). They wrote "How can you like this place when it never even rains?" Well, sadly this is the story with the weather changes in fifa 08. Plus, I just played my first CL game (with Borussia Monchengladbach) and, (surprise-surprise) it was a day match-AGAIN!!!!!!