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LuFe7's Converted Faces


Reserve Team

Can you make Joao Cancelo?


Reserve Team
W.S;3845531 said:
Very good faces :D Please relase it :)


W.S;3845532 said:
Can you make Joao Cancelo?

Maybe I'll make Joao Cancelo.

Kap95;3845533 said:
I don't like Sannti Mina but Vazquez is very nice :) Borja Mayoral is in your plans?

Why you don't like Santi Mina? And maybe i'll create Mayoral.

red&night;3845556 said:
Hi LuFe7.
Could you convert these two face belonging to this WWT Facepack 56 - by aurion17, please?

I'm talking about: Mirko Valdifiori and Daniele Croce


Of course, i'll try to convert them in this week.


Reserve Team
pgrega11;3845676 said:
mate can you please convert this faces:

Danilo, new Valencia defender..really big talent!

Ilicic(nobody converted him, i really want this version of him please)


Danilo in my plans, Ilicic maybe.

Yogibear;3845695 said:

Dahoud, Quaison and Murillo of this pack are in my plans.