Lower League Attributes?


Dan the monkey

Arent they a bit harsh? At the start I had two decent strikers in (real life) with 1 for finishing and the best striker at the club with 5, I missed like 7 or 8 one-on-ones in each game until I Biught Bramble from Southend, im playing as Northampton Town in League Two by the way


Starting XI
Yeah i've been playing with Lincoln and the attributes for most players are wrong. It's only a beta though, i hope it's improved for the full release.


Youth Team
There seems to be a problem with players without attributes filled in in the database loading up in the game as 1. Will be improved for the full game im sure.

The good thing is it gives a bigger range, in the last game world class players with attributes of say 5 got put up to around 10, now in FM Henry has poor heading but still a world class player, good defenders have poorer finishing. Also means the games worst players can have 1 for things instead of it changing to something higher.


Youth Team
apparently, the stats will be different on full release but, lower league stats will be poorer as they are lower league players, from what iv read.....