LOW-QUALITY FACE by Silnysilacz


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If you are interested - I can release. Only write me whose faces you need. Maybe you can give new "life" for these faces.
At the present time i found these faces on my old disc:
Image: https://i.postimg.cc/vGHSYDSz/previev.png

Radek Majdan by Wujek
Maciej Stolarczyk by Wujek
Wojciech Łobodziński by Wujek
Maciej Scherfchen (texture probably make by Carlos6 - convert from Fifa 10 to 14 by Wujek)
Jakub Wilk by manulukasz (recreated for 14 by Wujek)
Piotr Reiss by Wujek
Nikola Mijailović by Wujek
Andrzej Niedzielan by manulukasz (recreated for 14 by Wujek)
Marcin Kuźba by Wujek
Seweryn Gancarczyk by manulukasz (recreated for 14 by Wujek)
Artjoms Rudnevs (Fifa 15 Unknow author, convert and edit by Wujek)
Krzysztof Gajtkowski by Wujek
Dickson Choto by Wujek
Jakub Wawrzyniak by Wujek
Takesure Chinyama by manulukasz (recreated for 14 by Wujek)
Marek Saganowski by Wujek
Pance Cumbev by Wujek
Wojciech Szala by Wujek
Roger Guerreiro by Wujek
Marcin Mięciel by Wujek
Piotr Świerczewski by Wujek
Marcin Żewłakow by Wujek
Mariusz Jop by Wujek
Ryszard Staniek by Wujek
Kamil Kosowski by Wujek and Giggiriva ???
Ireneusz Jeleń (base on elements from texture Fifa 12 by Keslej)
Adam Matysek by Wujek (recreated my old face from Fifa 10)
Maciej Murawski by Wujek
Tomasz Zahorski by Wujek
Arkadiusz Radomski by Wujek
Paweł Sibik by Wujek
Marek Koźmiński by Wujek
Arkadiusz Bąk by Wujek
Grzegorz Wojtkowiak by Wujek
Dawid Kucharski by Wujek
Radosław Cierzniak by Wujek
Paweł Kryszałowicz young version (Amica Wronki time) by Wujek
Paweł Kryszałowicz old version (Wisła Kraków and Gryf Słupsk look) by Wujek
Przemysław Łudziński by Wujek
Maciej Kononowicz by Wujek
Przemysław Pitry by Wujek
Zbigniew Grzybowski by Wujek
Radosław Kałużny by Wujek
Kazimierz Deyna by Wujek and Giggiriva
Jan Furtok by Wujek
Dariusz Dudek by Wujek
Bartosz Białkowski by Unknow author (convert from Fifa 16 by Wujek)
Paweł Golański by Wujek
Most of those names are on my "to do" list.
At the moment I'm working on Saganowski face, I have your version and used it as a base ;)


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Hey, could you convert that Rudnevs face next? That is the only face Im looking for before starting my playthrough :/
I don't know how to convert faces... yet :D

I have plan to make Artiom face, He is my favorite player! But now I'm in 2000-2010... ;)
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Maciej Żurawski

Polish National Team member World Cup 2002, 2006 and Euro 2008.
Wisła Kraków Legend. Two-time top goalscorer of Polish first division. Five-time Polish first division champion, three-time Scotish first division winner with Celtic, and once Cyprus first division champion.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4beopgha8s971si/Żurawski.rar/file
Final update! Thanks @Wujek for the photos I really needed!

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4beopgha8s971si/Żurawski.rar/file


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do you also happen to have Łukasz Szukała face?
there was a face made by Anuk3 i think, but the link its not available anymrore...
I found two versions of his face. Might suit you.