losing career data


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I installed CC , Works n problems. All I wanted to do was add some chants to my team to make the game more realistic. I go back into the saved career call up my squad page and now they have all dissapeared. My 8 year carrer, gone, Nice, just what i wanted the programme to do !!!!!. I of course copied and saved my original save folder, so I go back in delete the newly created one and put my old one back, guess what, my career is still ****ed up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway to fix this **** ????, If i re-install the game and then put my original file back in will it put me back to my original point ???

Also, If you go to the team selection screen career mode, all the teams appear in one consecutive list in region 1 and the rest are all empty, quality **** !!!!!! Thats the way forward 1!!!


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in mydocuments\fifa2005
There's a folder named "D.Squads" . This is the CC05 folder. You have to replace it with the original, which is in mydocuments\fifa2005\temp1\

And stop using CC05. Uninstall it and wait for another version.
If the game still doesn't work, reinstall it.


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Cheers mate, will give it a go, have already uninstalled the damn CC, i love the way almost every patch or file that comes out for fifa has to mess up the game !!!!! great stuff,
once agains
cheers buddy