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just got em...switched the laces to a red one



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Pretty sweet. I've always liked those high sneakers.

Thought I'd share my favorite piece of clothing:

My jeans. I use these probably 70% of the time. I've had them for 7 months now and they're still at great condition. Will probably get another pair (not the exact same, but same manifacturor) soon.


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Skinny jeans are another thing that never did it for me. Probably couse i was never able to fit in them anyways :-)


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I find that they're the only ones that look good on me. Even just some standard fitted jeans usually make me look like a hanger. Well, I do weigh about 55kg. :(


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I think I visited Theo's heaven today - Adidas outlet.

Was close to buying a pair of Adi Tennis His, but contained myself, as I really don't need another pair of shoes. Would've been cool, though.

Did buy this though:

Also bought a really cool t-shirt, which I will post a picture of if I remember, and a pair of skinny jeans.


the Tennis Hi are great, better stuff than Converse imo. wanted to get them last month but I'll buy them when it gets warmer.


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i've always loved Converse all-stars. just got myself this pair for the new year

i actually had a similar pair a few years back and wore them until they're but rags. originals are always the best.

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Norwegian men's curling pants:

I like them and I would wear them at (indoor) family gatherings..........but not otherwise and not in public.

Shifty was the first person that came to mind when I saw these. I can see him making these work.


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Curling is like bowling....lots of beer drinking before and after...fun to play half pie-eyed,always boring to watch.