Looks like we'll having trainingskits


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What do u think of the Training Video

Have u guys seen the training video. It looks rather good. The dissiapointing things were the keepers seemed to catch a rather hard shoth would prob have been tipped away in real life. Another thing is the header in the end looked weird..stopped on his head for a sec then flew in real hard. I guess those things will be fixed tho. The one thing i really liked was the defender heading the corner over his goalpost. This looked real realistic.
Well cant wait for the demo and the game.


Senior Squad
As i've said b4 the training video looks awesome.. it should keep all the people happy who ever wanted training mode back in the game.


Youth Team
It looked f*cking awesome I really do feel different about the game now, maybe it will be a great game after all. Let's hope that this will be the best fifa.


The Man From Ohio
Don't forget these videos display builds of the game, not the final version. Some of the things you've been complaining about may be changed in the final release. Just wait for the demo. It will give a good idea of what is fixed and what isn't.