Looks like we'll having trainingskits

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don't know if there is already posted this pic and most of you guys knew this but i thought to post it anyway
if there is you can close this thread
but it looks good to me the trainingskits:crazyboy: (H)

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Originally posted by Goo Goo boy
why on earth is arsenal playing against real madrid in training kits??:rolleyes:

maybe ea created an `advert` feature, in which you create your own TV commercial starring the best players from around the world...on the other hand, maybe the player has chosen to play as madrid against arsenal in a traning match (RESPECT - you took the words out me mouth :p)


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So its looking like Nike teams will have blank "Swooshless" training kits huh?? Hopefully we can import new ones:rockman:


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That does look pretty cool. From the sound of what he said, it seems like the big clubs will have unique training grounds.


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Training this year looks amazing there should be no complaints!

This years training should make up for the missing training mode in last year's fifa2003


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i think it would be a great add on if during the training a pop up text helps you by giving you tips and key combinations how to make tricks shots etc..

and one more thing: in the videos i can see that also in this version of fifa it is impossible to volley the shots in ANY position (head + kick!) .. why .. why ea doesnt do something for this?? every pro evolution soccer game and every iss game (since 96 ..) contains this feature, this bonus for gameplay,this extra which improves the quality of the game,,.. but ea ..... goes a direct way ignoring all the other games ...!