Looking for a tournament editing tutorial


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Firts compdata
Try to understand the files


Here you asign how you competiton will be, the numbers of the left line will control the rest of files

Here you regulate the structures of the tournaments and competitions from FIFA. Inserting a complete new tournament is not possible, but replacing an existing one is definitely possible.

Please note that if you add an additional round to a cup, you must also change all other competitions, `cause all stages, rounds and more are numbered here. It’s important for do not lose their connection to each other ... is a very complicated story.

The numbers here will control rest of files if Copa del Rey is in line 1875 you can check the schedule and other configuration in line 1875,1876,1877 etc.


Here you assign the competitions, including all their stations, to the teams. Try to do it like EA if you can't go to next season check this file


If you replace an existing league and, for example, assign it to a league association (promotion and relegation), it is of course important to create an existing game plan or calendar.

Once you've gotten into it, that's actually one of the easiest changes.


All competitions and tournaments are managed here. Promotion and relegation, prize money, relegation markings, table sorting, start dates and and and.


Important for FIFA to know what to do with the leagues and teams before and after a season.


Self-explanatory ... here you should choose an existing weather system for the appropriate region of the league.


How the teams will advance in the stages you assign

How many teams there will be in every stage

Then Database, assign and existing id for your new league, the teams and configurations in competition and league table
Then squads
And League Database
Then all the graphic stuff