Looking for a modder to mod FIFA 07. Will pay.


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Hello everyone,

I really enjoy FIFA 07 and although it's more than 10 years old, it's still the best FIFA for me. That's why I'm looking for someone with the necessary skills to make it even better.

The graphics of the game are not perfect, but still they are fine to me. I want mostly some new features which will improve the game experience to be added. I need someone who is good at programming/reverse engineering. And since I understand that doing what I want could take time and efforts, I will also pay some money if you succeed. I don't know how to program and I prefer to pay someone to do it for me. Sure, there are also newer FIFA tittles, but they aren't really my type and keep getting worse every year (personal opinion).

So if you are interested, please post here or send me a private message and I will give you more details. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


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Yes, you are probably right.
I want five new features added to the game.

1.The first one is related to the linesmen. In FIFA 2005, when the ball goes out of the pitch, the linesman is raising his flag. But in FIFA 07, he does nothing, just moves along the sideline. So I want this feature back in 07. Here is a picture from FIFA 2005 with it:

2. The second one is related to the substitutions the CPU makes. It makes just one per match, but I would like to increase it to 3.

3. Thirdly, I would like to make the songlist longer. You could only have 40 songs, but if you want some new, you have to replace the existing ones. I would like to make the songlist with at least 45 songs, without needing to replace anything.

4. Fourthly, in Tournament mode, I want to make it possible to randomize the matches with the teams you are going to play against instead of playing the same matches against the same teams if you choose a certain team. Let's say that I create FIFA World Cup Tournament with CM07 - it will always be with the same teams in a certain group. It's possible to randomize the groups/fixtures, but only in Create tournament mode, where you have "Randomize" button, so you'll have to bring this button/option in Tournament mode as well.

5. And last, I would like to make the goalkeeper comes for corners if you are losing by one goal and you are in the 85+ minute. This feature is available in FIFA 08 so when you try to add it maybe you could take a look there and get an idea how it works.

Of course the ideal scenario would be to make all the features, but if you can’t, I will also pay a part of the sum for any feature you could add.


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Sorry, but from what I know some of those features are hard-coded on the .exe of the game and couldn't be uploaded for everyone because FIFA 07 isn't an abandonware.


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Well, if someone makes them it will be for personal use only and the mod won't be publicly uploaded. I'm also open to negotiate the price since I want the project to be beneficial for both parties.