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mh25;3355002 said:

all of this...:)

Hey could you possibly upload them? I cant find them on the catalogue so Id just want to replace them with the boots I have with their correct ID's


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Hi ledatcr2, I used to have same problem with faces greenblue textures as Gerr8rd but I solved it...however somehow I am not able to install adboards for UCL properly...its patch made by Damien at Fifa-Infinity...I have re-installed it several times but still I have green-blue textures instead of adboards...the files are in right folder, Ive edited stadium.lua an put lines
assignTeamAdboard(325,226) --UCL Galatasaray
assignTournamentAdboard(223,223) --UCL
and regenerated it
as is written in description...I was thinking that I could put png files manually via CM12 but I cant figure out where to look for ID 223 and 226...could you help me?


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ledatcr2, Please please upload piatti face!!!!!!!!!!

btw does sung yung ki (Swansea) have a scanned face in fifa 13?? and what about maya yoshida (southampton)?????


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guys, i just put Torres face into the sceneassets and everything but it doesn;t work. i know about the revolution mod and everything but i just don't know how to use it. help anyone?


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hey master Đạt, i have a question . i assigned shoes to some shoes id like shoe 0, 200,201 ,... but when i used these shoes for players, ingame the shoes cant load texture .... ??? its just load the bump .... i cant understand why ?? i use CM 12 (fix for DB 13) .... please help me :((