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I chuckled at 'Joon 13'.

There was a Dennis the Mennace film on before. That was pretty crap. Of course, the American Dennis the Mennace. Not the cockney wideboy that we have.

Odd that the cast of that film were comprised solely of old men and young boys.


Virgo said:
yes it's shocking, I don't like most movies but I find the big majority to be watchable, even trash like XXX and the likes of that. Hostage was downright unwatchable.

And yes I was laughing too.

It's a toss up between Hostage and Resident Evil 2 as the most unintentionally funny films last year.

I disagree, RE2 is awful on purpose, and in that succeeds. yes funny, with a Mortal Kombat finale but the awfulness becomes good because thats what it tried to do.

Hostage I dont think tried to do that, but it was an ok movie with a few crazy things going for it and also a few plot holes that are forgivable IMO


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Yup. He likes Elvis too much.

Bought 24 Hour Party People today. Hoorah! And Vic Reeve's Big Night Out. Double-Huraah!

Picked the copy with the sales sticker still on from last week. On top of this, I was undercharged for a PS2 gamepad.

That kids, is how you beat the system.

EDIT: Dr. Strangelove. Which was nice.


went to see Inside Man today, with Denzel, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster. Excellent movie. right from the start Clive Owen sucks you into it and its great all around with an amazing idea for a bank robbery very detailed and perfectly done and great performances from everybody. And all the major actors getting their good time and final scene. loved it.

on the other hand, I dont think Ill remember this movie in 2 weeks. no dialogue or scenes worth remembering (:/)


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Ladder 49

tears all over my eyes at the ending. :(
This movie is good for the family. I can't say this movie is better than Backdraft. But, anyway, I kind of love these both movies.

Ubik Valis

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Roma, citta aperta


Umberto D.

Italian neo-realism, neigh bad....but the (very) badly synchronized sound was very annoying.


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Everyone told me Ladder 49 was terrible...but I watched it about a year ago...and kinf of liked it,,,,,a little hokey though.


watched American Dreamz tonight. from Paul Weitz writer/director of American Pie and About a Boy, two movies I love, but this one was not like that.
with Hugh Grant as a Simon Cowell-like american idol judge/idol, Dennis Quaid a Bush-like stupid president, Willem Dafoe as a Dick Chaney-like manipulator vice-president and Mandy Moore as the regular girl next door that wants to be on American Idol.

it works as little bits, with nice ideas for Quaid and Dafoe, and nicer for the American Idol story (having a jew guy singing and an Iraqi soldier that goes to the show with the mission to get to the finals when he'll suicide-bomb himself while being introduced to the president of the united states which will be on the show as guest judge.

as a whole though, the movie doesnt work that well. the bush-chaney story is not very well developed and the same goes for the story between Hugh Grant and Mandy Moore.
A huge dissapointment foe me as I expected this to be one of my favorites of the years but Im ending up barely recommending it. if only for Willem Dafoe's work of genious.

Ubik Valis

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Virgo said:
so who's getting you all the classics you'be been watching lately Dragan?

I'm having my 2nd (out of 2) semester of "Films & Media-science" at the Uni of Copenhagen. We watch movies every tuesday, wednesday and friday.

Chinatown was borrowed from a classmate, because I only saw Raging Bull and Der Untergang last semester (:((H)) out of a ton of movies we were to see. The three Italian titles I've written this week are because we had a lecture on Italian neo-realism today.


Shindig said:
EDIT: Dr. Strangelove. Which was nice.

The part where Sellers starts choking himself. (H)

Gerrard 17

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Hills Have Eyes.

Surprisingly good... I think I liked it better than Saw II (which I didn't like all that much btw), best scary movie I've seen in a while. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Movies rarely get to me but I have to say I looked around my shoulder when I was walking to my house, heh :). Impressive if you consider that action took place on a desert in the middle of nowhere.

Anyone else seen it?

I'm definitely gonna see High Tension now (Y)


yep definitely liked "Hills Have Eyes"... one of the best horror flicks i've been to in a long time.

that scene where Doug got some his fingers chopped off made me cringe... repeatedly.

Although it did have a lot of blood and gore, it wasn't overly dependent on the violence to make the movie scray.

Very well made, I thought. Its a remake and although I haven't seen the original, i hear its every bit as good if not better.

(Emilie de Ravin (Brenda) was cute in the movie)
16 Blocks
- I hated it, made me want to go to sleep. Mos Def and Bruce Whatshisname played really boring guys. For the first time since I was 5, I fell asleep during a a cinema. It was really a plot that should have been finished in half the time it was, you knew all the plot "twists" before they happened and they ending was both corny/unexplained.

- just a plain good film. Tons of action, great acting all around, I find it amazing when people say this film is bad, acting is great, plot is solid, the action is non-stop, they stay true to the myth and best of all, they didn't try and make good guys out of anyone, they just showed you everyones intentions and left you to decide.

Forrest Gump
- I don't think I need to say much about this movie. A classic. It always gives me a funny warm/sad feeling on the inside when it ends, along with Troy, The Pianist and Saving Private Ryan I can watch this move everyday of the week for a month and not get bored.