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Replaceing existing stadium (all stadium that have an EA original ID) is quite straightforward.
You just need to rename the stadium files you downloaded to match the ID of the stadium you want to replace (don't forget to edit glares). You can use the script I shared on the the software section of this forum to do it in few clicks.

Once the stadium files have the correct ID, all you need to do is to copy the files in your game folder (data/sceneassets/stadium and fx and crowdplacement), then you need to regenerate with the tool of your choice. I usually regenerate with CM16.
OK thanks for the tips, I will try again.


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Hey! I installed Stade Geoffroy-Guichard by kotiara for now (replace existing ingame stadium method) and I have a question. PLEASE help... How can I remove this horrable rotating adboards and replace them with static adboards (default fifa adboards model)? I searched the whole forum...

Adboards that are there now:

What I want:



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Very beautiful the stadiums of Russia.
But as I am from Brazil, I have a curiosity that you could inform me.

In FIFA 16 I never got the Anzhi Arena stadium.
Would anyone know where I can get and if it exists?

Anzhi is a team that I really like since the FIFA 2012.
Epoch playing Etoo, Willian, R. Carlos, Boussoufa.
I played hundreds of games online by seasons mode.

So for me, it's kind of sad to never get your stadium to play a career mode today. :$