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i was converted very successfully pes 6 stadiums to pes 2008 , 2009 , 20010-12 , 13...but how to convert to fifa never learn..if someone have tutorial,how to do this...only model for start :)


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Hello! Why do not stadiums work for me? If I use the folder fx the game is cut. if I eliminate it if it works.


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Would it be possible to create the upgraded Watford and Bournemouth stadiums for use in fifa FIFA 15? Because I did not find them anywhere.


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I just have to say a HUGE thank you for making this stadium. I actually just started a new career mode on YouTube using Southend united, and was trying to find a stadium.

amazing. Please, please, where can I donate? Do you have PayPal. This made my entire year, and it's only February!

I will feature all stadiums in my CM as well here:

My first episode, and episode 2 and beyond will include matches using your stadium:



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All you do mate is download stadium server then unzip one of the stadiums and you will get two folders: sceneassets and ui.
Open stadium server and load stadium
Find the stadium folder you download ie: stubhub centre
In stadium server it will load the files and you will see a load of files ie glares etc on the right hasnd window.
Click on save stadium button abiove right hand window.
it will now allow you to save you must put in the coding as follows for he server to recognise the stadium:
eg: for stubhub you would put USA - LA Galaxy - Stubhub centre
or for John Smiths stadium you put: ENG - Huddersfield Town - John Smiths stadium
(the hyphens in between is important).

Then save and it will put it into your game in a stadium GB folder
Boot up the game - play as LA galaxy and when you get to screen where you choose team management etc you alt Tab out and using CGFS16 select the stadium you want to apply to la galaxy - you can also pick police settings ie english, spanish etc.
Then go back into the game and press back and select the two teams again.
If worked correctly you will here a 'ding' and you know its loaded the stadium.
The play and it should all be shiny and new!!

Hope this helps its easy to explain when you know how to do it but maybe not so much when you've never done it before .

Thank you for this step by step. Works perfectly!