kotiara6863's Stadiums

kotiara,i have one last think to ask to you..i have one stadium,is asked by a large mass of people around this comunity..i've finally managed to find it in a fifa 14 patch..if you could convert it i would be very gratefull..is Estadio Atanasio Girardot-Colombia..


and i've found the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva glares files to..


thx and sorry for bothering you
kotiara, is the last time and i promise i won't bother you again..i have this russian-bulgarian stadiums from fifa 14, there are not yet been converted for fifa 16 by anyone..can you do us this honor and convert them, of course when you have some time..this is the list and the link to download them:

Cerno More Varna - Ticha Stadion
CSKA Sofia - Bolgarska Armia Stadion
FC Baltika - Baltika Stadium
FC Rotor - Central'nyi Volgograd
FK Salyut Belgorod - Central'nyj Stadion Energomash
Lokomotiv Plovdiv - Lokomotiv Stadion


thx again
and yet another piece of art created for fifa 14 and never converted to fifa 16: Dinamo Stadium from Bucharest Romania..kotiara,i know you will do us this honor and convert this beauty especially for romanian fans that appreciate your work..thx
hello friend!

I've made some updates on Millwall stadium & EA generic Eastpoint:

Millwall The Den: New texture around the pitch & another set of electronic adboard
EA Eastpoint: New texture around the pitch

Would you please be so kind and help me with some small touches on them:

- for The Den there are 4 triangles in the stadiums roof corners. Can you remove them in Blender? I've tried without success :(

- for the Eastpoint - can you please replace the current adboards with electronic version (same position)

here is the link: https://mega.nz/#!4R9R0ZAJ!fyxuJN9JKz-obvibAgxVC_xSESW5-K4--IUku84MbL0

many thanks,
look everybody, here is the man who i looking for..a man who is not taking breaks because it has the stadiums conversion in his blood, a man who makes all happy with his work, a man who can make from impossible possible..this is kotiara which we all knew and we are proud because he is on our side..thx a lot man and we all hope your work will continue like until now..thx again
There's a problem with Pride Park (Derby Country). It doesn't work with every weather conditions and sometimes the game crashes...Can you fix it,please? Thank you very much!