Koss Headphones


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Anyone got any? Any good?

If not does anyone know any decent headphones i can get that preferably wrap around my ear but sit over my ears for a fairly cheap and reasonable price?




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Oh, man, they are TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :( (H)

No, really, don't hesitate buying them... what type of headphones do you want? I had some Koss earbuds for my mobile phone and, amazed by their quality, I bought a pair of TD85 or TD855 (something like this) and I was really really pleased.... again. Too bad that I swapped them(I don't know what I was thinking :() with a friend's mp3 player which reached the cesspool after a month. I must admit, not a great affair. :( (H)
Koss headphones are mid-range, pretty good for the price but nothing special..

Sennheiser are definitely great, and lately I've been using some headphones from skullcandy.com, also great and actually pretty reasonably priced.


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Koss KSC-75's are THE best headphones for their price imo. 20$ with lifetime warranty and i use them more than my sennheiser px-100s and bose In-ears which are $50 and 100$ each