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Also, I know the above overlays are all using the same FIFA 21 Generic Scoreboard which changes in color for each competition.
Now, what I want to know is where the scoreboard gets the color values for each competition, because I tried editing the competition color in both the squad and db files, then I looked for the colors in the generic overlay textures but I had no luck.
I also tried looking for the hex values in the generic overlay textures but no luck still, the overlay colors for the generic one still remained the same.

If anyone knows how to edit them kindly assist
mate i tried to figure and didnt find
did you find something?

Georgiy {[Boot Maker]}

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@KO2018 one my friend from Israel nneed this:
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FIFA21 KO`s Scoreboards

Instructions: Instructions: load with FIFA Mod Manager 21 v1.0.5.5

Replace general scoreboard(overlay_9002.BIG)

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Are these scoreboards working with fifa 22 as well ?