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NEW Portugal league scoreboard

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Hello @KO2018 Some of us play with multiple scoreboard mods installed at the same time by ReAssigning some competition ID's and replacing those competition scoreboards with custom ones.
For this to work we either need to have access to the .BIG files so we can create customised mods specifically for our own PC's.

With this in mind, can you kindly provide the .BIG files for your scoreboards please?

Thanks in advance


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Can anyone please share the version of scoreboards that works with FIFA 21 Live Editor.
Even the .Big files or the project files please


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Also, I know the above overlays are all using the same FIFA 21 Generic Scoreboard which changes in color for each competition.
Now, what I want to know is where the scoreboard gets the color values for each competition, because I tried editing the competition color in both the squad and db files, then I looked for the colors in the generic overlay textures but I had no luck.
I also tried looking for the hex values in the generic overlay textures but no luck still, the overlay colors for the generic one still remained the same.

If anyone knows how to edit them kindly assist