konami is so worthless


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i havent been able to sing into any rooms ever since 4 pm today and its 1am right now. I can log onto my screenname but it will not go into any rooms.

As much as i like this game seems like konami is getting cheaper by the version. Invest some money in your servers you cheap bastards for all the money you made out of us.

im just ranting.


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I read something like that in wehellas forum. I also saw that creating a new profile solved the problem for a lot of people.


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nope i tried creatin but i can only play 1 half again n then disconects ano konami are wankers £30 a game and the online function is a lot a ****e they will berakin money in and wont even upgrade there servers


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I sent a mail to KONAMI yesterday night about this problem and at last they replied me but I think this is a copy/paste answer

The reply is like below:


Thank you for contacting PES6 Technical Support.

We would like to sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience caused by the recent server issues we have been experiencing. Unfortunately, due to the high number of gamers connecting at one time, our lobbies experience some connection problems.

We are presently working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and we can assure you that we are giving it our maximum priority.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Kind regards,
Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Online Technical Support


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90000 ppl online right? 90000 x 29.99 = 2.6million. you think they could afford a good server yeah


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i have not sent them an email yet but im sure it would not make any difference. Last time they did not even reply to me

i dont need an apology i paid $50 for this game i need service! Im sure it wouldnt cost them like a couple of hundred thousand dollars to get good servers. they have been making millions all over the world with this game.


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What is even worse is that i had to download the game to play it. Installation from Original cd wouldnt even start the game. Im playing the bootleg game on a legit cd key just so i can go online. Oh wait i cant even do that :boohoo: come on konami! they almost had me trying fifa...damn