Youth Team
here you are Uruguay kits

home :

away :

gk :


Reserve Team
guys as u may have noticed i havent been around for a few days,
i'm gonna be taking a break for some time, maybe one more week or so, the world cup patch was a lot of work and i wanna take some time to enjoy the wc.

i will come back with kits for the upcoming season, arsenal, manchester united, real madrid, inter, milan etc.

also there will be a second version release of the wc patch, with updated line ups, boots, some kits, and best of all i think, brand new scoreboard and complete popups (of which i'll post some screens later on)

i am slowly working on a new add-on, the japanese j.league. i have some rosters done and as always up to date kits will be in there, as well as scoreboard and popups.

so that would be all for now, just wanted to let u guys know what i have planned for the near future.
i hope u guys are enjoying the world cup.



Youth Team
good to hear from you,and to hear such great can rest as long as you want.the wc patch was fantastic :)


Reserve Team
here are 2 previews, first one is the olympique lyonnais new adidas home kit, and the second one is a preview of the japanese j league patch ive been working on. kits for the upcoming season are coming up.