Kits Nobody Wants by makispla


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no crash mate....and btw my game has crashed a million times due to multiple reasons ,but never because of a font (most common reasons of a crash are from experience: a. unassigned faces and b. scarf files not made by the correct flag files)

yes, maybe fifa doesn't crush at 16, but I downloaded this font at 14 fifa, and it flew out, and I'm probably not the only one))
here are screenshots of the departure error, and after editing the font, it seems to have turned out well, it looks great.
thanks for the kit set mate



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When you reduce the images dont lose quality, only when you make bigger images
Thats exactly what im saying new season kits are 640x640px (F14 requires size increasing in that case) .. usually kit makers release bigger pictures to help modding older games


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Or maybe you just need to click on the shirt first and then download the kit in normal resolution? Instead of accusing the author that the size is not the right one
I didn't accuse anybody of anything as you see pic is maximized i didn't reupload any kit or anything. Most of kit makers uploading their work as attachments maybe makispla do so.