Kits Nobody Wants by makispla


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Colombia 19/20


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Holy hell, makispla you are incredible and we are so lucky to have you around :) Those new adidas kits were announced like yesterday and you already made them, this is absolutely outstanding of you. Thank you!

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@makispla would it be possible for you to share adidas 19 gk template with generic colors and without badges (just like you did with adidas 19 tiro) so we can update adidas teams ourselves? For example yesterday Thibaut Courtois wore new green kit (however Russian goalkeeper Guilherme and Neuer wore old one with 2018 design).

Thanks in advance.



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hey guys will in 19/20 season be a definitive patch contains all kits, minikits, numbers and name (including uefa's versions) compatible with moddingway too? this year i installed every kit but i had problem with numbers color and jersey name's font. I think that if next year will be this it would be great, even if the work will be focused only in the jerseys


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I had the white version in mind, but this one is fine. I made the white on my own, if you allow me to share it in your thread. It looks quite identically to 15's version