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How can I create minikits? Kits is so simple with photoshop. but I don´t know how to do minikits such a simple mode


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I request somebody to make a bump tutorial. I've searched for over an hour and all I found was one dead link. Thanks!


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Sapir7;3058537 said:
Why isn't there a download link?
I edited it out because I noticed one part of it was incorrect, I will upload the full one later. (The shorts are an approximation, because they haven't been unveiled yet)


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Lynk;3058588 said:

GK top (Credit to Bitmauer for the original black kit this is an colour alteration of that...the armband is by Raul)

Shorts: (An approximation by myself, there has been no pics released as yet)


NOTE: Change the number and names colours from white to black.
Thanks a lot, the kit looks awesome :)


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peopleee could you help me...i don't know how to put created kit to created team in CM11.
i don't know what to do


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Hi, please help me !
Could you make the 3 mini-kits from my fantasy team of Nottingham Forest.
It would be for my personal use.
Thx in advance.
the basis of the change is a Pepis national team of Canada. Minikit are made by Regularcat. thank you to them.