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Someone willing making a fantasy kit for me? It's quite simple. I asked Lavezzi for these, but I think he's been busy lately and maybe gave a break on making kits for a while. Too bad, because he's one talented kit maker. (Y)

I used Nike's newest templates for these mock-ups. I explained it better below. But first, check it out. Don't mind my drawings. I used paint. lol Sorry for that, but I hope you can get it:

Home kit - Based on Nike's newest templates. ie. Inter Milan (it says MENGO in the back of the shirt):

Away kit - Also based on Nike's new template. (it says MENGO in the back of the shirt) - I think I forgot to put a black trim in the end of the long sleeve:

Third kit - Roughly based on Man. Utd/Celtic/Atletico de Madrid template (the collar). I tried to get a light golden colour:

Gk kits (I tried to draw something like this:






Flamengo's crest:


As I said, the two first kits are based on Nike's newest templates.
I used the newest Barcelona sleeve trim (
And also used Nike's new ordinary V collar, like the ones in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Inter Milan, Porto etc...

The home and away shorts have that trim, like the ones in Brazil's home/away shorts ( )

For the third one, in blue and light gold, I used the new Manchester United collar ( ).

Thank you very much in advance! :bouncy:


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rlluge;2918577 said:
Can anyone make Sevilla 10-11 kits? Thanks




Here you are the minis



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please make this kits for me!!


back view

team logo

1malaysia logo

sinar harian

air asia


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Many thanks for making the excellent Russian league kits.

Any chance you could make the black Spartak Moscow kit they used in Europe this season?