Kits by Sundsvall


The Super-Swede
Mexico Home shorts and socks + updated shirt:



Youth Team
here i am wandering through soccergaming wondering if fifa 14 is still some sort of an editing game... and sweet jeesus Sundsvall is still making kits? Dude, you are still one of, if not THE, best! keep it up.


The Super-Swede
Thanks everybody!
Suraj: Nice to see you man! I've had long breaks every now and then, but getting up to speed right now :)Thanks alot!

Malmö FF GK
This years swedish champions, congrats to my old classmate who's part of the successful squad this year!



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Yeah, well, these kits are in a class of their own. Just superb. Excellent use of textures and useful details.


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Sundsvall;3576748 said:
Wow, that germany shirt is truely amazing, I will make it when there's more pics out there!

On Tuesday, the shirt will be offical presented! Then i will poste some more pictures :bob: