Kits by Ky Kiske


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Some very nice work being done in here... good to see another region represented in Fifa! (Y)

Omega Goku

Youth Team
thx for the comments everybody :D

now one more j-league 2 kit and one kit that was requested

Fagiano Okayama Home / Away (0)

Verdy Kawasaki 92/94 Home (1)

Omega Goku

Youth Team
thank you guys for the comment :D

lavezzi i'll use that tokushima vortis sponsor logo that you made, it's much better than the one i did, thank you (Y)

now one more kit from j2, soon i'll try to make the mini kits for these one and for the fagiano one ;)

Vegalta Sendai Home/Away/GK (5)

Tokushima Vortis Home/Away *update*