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esteghlal f.c

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LAVEZZI;2923210 said:
I've made that pack, but the drawings were not very good,
so i'll find time to update and release them :innocent_smile_1:

Thanks a lot man ur kits is amazing finally someone do Asian teams i hope u do more Asian team kits for fifa 11 NEXT GEN too


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Ukr_n;2922888 said:
can you make UPL 10-11 kits, I can help with photos and other informations

if you don't help me please reupload UPL kits 09-10 thaks

Hello mate! it's a pity that the filefront deleted the UPL packs. :icon_spin:
i'll upload 09-10 packs again and manage to make 10-11 UPL packs (Y)


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Hey, Lavezzi, man, how you doing?

You made me, a couple of months ago, some Flamengo fantasy kits, do you remember that? So, mate, I was thinking if you could make these for me now. You can take your time, buddy.

I used Nike's newest templates for these mock-ups. I explained it better below. But first, check it out. You, as an artist, don't mind my drawings. I used paint. lol Sorry for that, man, but I hope you can get it:

Home kit - Based on Nike's newest templates. ie. Inter Milan (it says MENGO in the back of the shirt):

Away kit - Also based on Nike's new template. (it says MENGO in the back of the shirt) - I think I forgot to put a black trim in the end of the long sleeve:

Third kit - Roughly based on Man. Utd/Celtic/Atletico de Madrid template (the collar). I tried to get a light golden colour:

Gk kits (I tried to draw something like this: http://img.mercadolivre.com.br/jm/img?s=MLB&f=143542862_3181.jpg&v=E)






Flamengo's crest:


As I said, the two first kits are based on Nike's newest templates.
I used the newest Barcelona sleeve trim (http://img1.mlstatic.com/jm/img?s=MLB&f=152705173_8064.jpg&v=O).
And also used Nike's new ordinary V collar, like the ones in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Inter Milan, Porto etc...

The home and away shorts have that trim, like the ones in Brazil's home/away shorts ( http://soccerlens.com/shirts/files/2010/02/brazil_wc10-away_shorts.jpg )

For the third one, in blue and light gold, I used the new Manchester United collar ( http://www.footballqs.com/photos/o/35118-new_manchester_united_jersey_2010_2011_season.jpg ).

Thank you very much in advance, man! I'd appreciate it! God bless!


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有空做些fifa 10的新版国家队球衣吗 我还在做10的东西 如果可以 我会提供图片


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Hi Lavezzi... This is a difficult one, I can provide some pics if you need. It would be awesome if you can make Argentina's Fourth (Primera C) and Fifth (Primera D) divisions (the lowest ones) 20 and 18 teams respectively

I think "el Pocho" used to play in one of those teams as a youngster :innocent_smile_1:

Only if possible. :)

Great work.